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Zamami Village Whale Watching Association

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Zamami Village Whale Watching Association


Thank you for visiting the Zamami Village Whale Watching Association (ZWWA) website.

Our operation period is January 5 – March 31. However, we are very sorry to inform you that for reservations for tours after January 2024, we have decided to ask our customers to apply directly to each whale watching boat (store).

Until now, ZWWA office has been receiving reservations for individual tours and randomly assigning them to each watching boat. However, from now on, we will ask you to choose your own watching boat and each store will accept your tour directly.

We have attached a list table JPG of each watching boat (store). Please refer to their websites and contact information, and choose the ship that suits you best and apply directly to the store for a reservation. Just in case you are interested, we have also attached the following links.

Zamami Village Whale Watching Association Member Boats & Shops

*Unfortunately, certain websites are only in Japanese. So, you might have to use the translation function of your own browser.

Hime Kujira (Shop: DivingTeam Anata no Kiyoshi) TEL:098-987-3023

Ellisella (Shop: DivingShop Ellisella) TEL:098-987-2775

Cetus (Shop:MarineShop Heart Land) TEL:098-987-2978

Venus (Shop: DiveCenter NO-Y)

Takamaru (Shop:Okinawa Resort)

Miyarabi III (Shop: JOYJOY Co., Ltd.) TEL:098-987-2445

Oscamintol (Shop: Kerama Pearl Co., Ltd.)
TEL:090-1949-5325 & 070-4226-2093

Escort (Shop: NatureLand Kayaks) TEL:098-987-2187

Satomaru (Shop: WhaleWatchingBoat Satomaru)
Website is under construction TEL:090-7194-4813

Misaki(Shop:Drifter) TEL:070-5488-4378

calenda GT (Shop:GOODDAYS STANDUP) TEL:070-4453-0135

Ushio III (Shop:DivingTeam Ushio) TEL:098-987-3533

Our website is currently under renewal, we are sorry that we have not been able to provide you with information in time.

It has taken us some time to adjust the way we operate, we also apologize for the delay in replying to your application.

Although the reservation process has changed, we will continue to work together with our member vessels and sponsors to protect the breeding grounds of humpback whales and provide safe and high quality tours.

We look forward to your continued support of the Zamami Village Whale Watching Association.

Thank you very match.

Zamami Village Whale Watching Association Secretariat